TRICASE Cashmere knit


TRICASE Cashmere knit  [tic0007]


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This item features a unique yarn , made by using Loro Piana's finest grade "Top Cashmere" in a luxurious 2-ply construction. (2-ply refers to twisting two already twisted yarns together to create a thicker yarn. This results in a stronger and smoother yarn. However, it requires more yarn, making it a luxurious choice.) The yarn is meticulously twisted to achieve a dry touch and is known for its rare characteristics. It combines the smooth and soft texture inherent to cashmere with the dry touch achieved through careful twisting. Being lightweight and compact due to its high gauge, it is convenient for temperature control during travel. You can enjoy the premium cashmere quality for an extended period of time.

Cashmere 100% Made in Italy

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